Wine Garage was created with a simple ambition to help people sort through the messy minefield that is the wine market in Thailand. Because of the high wine tax, storage and transportation issues, getting your hands on really good bottle can be difficult. This leaves consumers buying the few mass-produced brands as an insurance, a good thing but hardly fun.

For us, great wine must have individuality, and individuality relates to small. Just as a garage is a place where one uses one’s hands to create and fine-tune, our wines are handcrafted by artisanal producers, who know each plot of their vineyard, use only traditional and natural processes to express their unique origins in each bottle.

Our planet has many unique locations destined for making great wines. These vineyards - some existing and others being re-discovered - have proven time and again that nature-nurtured grapes, minimally handled by man, make for distinctive and even mind-boggling wines.

Finally, we are partial towards creative winemakers - innovators who experiment with boundaries - who make products which show us the unknown. To us, our suppliers are not faceless producers, but people who share our beliefs in sustainability and authenticity. They are craftsmen with whom we have created a bond, and are thrilled to share their stories with you.