Chef Andrew Martin fell in love with Thai cuisine following his visit to Thailand a decade ago which led him to work in the kitchens of top Bangkok Thai Cuisine restaurants such as Nahm, Bo.lan, 80/20 and more recently, Issaya Siamese Club where he has perfected his understanding of Thai cooking techniques. He soon carved a name for himself, with his adventurous treatment of local ingredients and re-interpretation of dishes he discovered during his travels visiting the many provinces in the Kingdom. 

Each of Andrew’s dishes distinctively have an origin and a foundation in something resolutely Thai. Embracing the rich complexity of Thai cuisine, with access to produce from the Jim Thompson Farm and carefully selected suppliers, Andrew’s approach to creating dishes characteristically echoes that of Jim Thompson, in the way the legendary American architect and entrepreneur, has turned inside out traditional Thai crafts into something of his own: modern yet familiar. 

Andrew Martin also specialized in plant-based dishes with bold and subtle flavors alike. 

He is backed by a strong kitchen team who work hard together to curate our menu, with Pastry Chef Elle Cowan lending her talents in dessert.