Funky Lam

Taking the space of breezy brunch cafe Luka Moto at night time, Funky Lam Kitchen offers a modern Laotian menu that’s not afraid of real-deal, bold flavours along with matching cocktails and an extensive wine list designed to stand up to the fiery flavours.

FUNKY LAM KITCHEN aims to put Lao cuisine at the centre of the South-East Asian cuisine revival scene happening worldwide. The realisation of a dream of Sanya Souvanna Phouma (of Bed Supperclub, Maggie Choo’s and Sing Sing) and fellow Laotian business partner Saya Na Champassak, (whose grandmother, the last Princess from the South, used to orchestrate menus for the royal guests).

FUNKY LAM KITCHEN is a celebration of their legacy with a modern approach in the choice of the ingredients and techniques used.

Funky Flavours

If one likes Thai cuisine, chances are that half of the dishes originated from Laos. The differences are subtle with a flavour profile more bitter than sweet. The use of Padeak, a fermented fish based sauce brings a pungent umami flavour to dishes, giving that extra funky dimension to the meal. Meats are cooked “slow and low” over charcoal and most fish recipes favour river fishes - since Laos is a landlocked country. Vegetable baskets are at the center of the meal: they differ daily according to what the market brings: peppery, sour or bitter freshness, adding more flavour dimensions as well as cleansing the palate between bites. Inspired by the classic dishes of their childhood, Sanya and Saya’s vision is to revisit simple recipes, but adding a special royal flair with the choice of ingredients: imported wagyu beef or trout from Australia, organic produce directly from the hills of Laos. An example of this elevation to regal levels is the Short Rib Or Lam: the beef rib adds a touch of decadence into what is normally a frugal and rustic dish made of bitter eggplants, herbs and the occasional meat.

Party Fuel

As bold and characterful as Laos cuisine is; Savoury and spicy, pungent and bitter, flavourful and umami intense, the matching beverages are as strong. Designed by Iron Balls Brand Ambassador Carson Quinn, the cocktails can calm the fire of the chilli present in most dishes.